Author V.B. Price Explains Why You Should Donate to La Jicarita.


When it comes to getting the inside story on environmental troubles in northern New Mexico or finding coverage of issues that impact New Mexicans marginalized by poverty and race, La Jicarita is an invaluable and respected source. It covers issues the mainstream media fails to even notice. Kay Matthews, the Editor-in-Chief of the “online magazine of environmental politics,” and David Correia, its Managing Editor, give La Jicarita the literate savvy to support its investigative mission. If you go to La Jicarita’s website and look through its archives you’ll find an amazing range of deep, thorough pieces on everything from Navajo politicians trying to preserve the tribe’s ban on uranium mining, migrant children and the call to treat them like refugees, to the Kirtland Air Force Base jet fuel spill and Mora County banning oil and gas development. Other pieces cover the Santolina development, LANL workers receiving compensation for nuclear related illnesses, a brilliant essay on institutional dysfunction at the U.S. Forest Service, and hundreds of others. La Jicarita is a real news, gutsy, labor intensive enterprise. I have nothing but admiration for what it does so intelligently and courageously day in and day out.

V.B Price is the author of 15 books of prose, poetry and non-fiction, including, most recently, The Orphaned Land: New Mexico’s Environment Since the Manhattan Project. He is an emeritus lecturer in the University of New Mexico’s Honors College where he has taught since 1986 and an adjunct associate professor at UNM’s school of Architecture and Planning. He was a long-time reporter and columnist for the Albuquerque Tribune, co-founder of Century Magazine and a former editor of New Mexico Magazine. Currently he is the co-founder, along with Benito Aragon, of the New Mexico Mercury. And he is a great friend of La Jicarita.

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