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Investigation into the Tenure of George W. Julian as Surveyor General of the New Mexico Territory, 1885-1889 By MARK SCHILLER, a New Mexico Historical Records Advisory Board Project, 2010

La Jicarita News co-founder Mark Schiller wrote this article to investigate whether George W. Julian was, in fact, a dedicated reformer who acted justly in his recommendations regarding confirmation of the grants he reviewed, or a colonial bureaucrat bent upon keeping as much land in the public domain as possible. By closely investigating the allegations Julian made against what he believed were the most egregious examples of land fraud in his major public statement on the situation, “Land Stealing in New Mexico” in the July 1887 issue of what was then the United States’ preeminent periodical The North American Review, Schiller answers that question.

Click on link below to view the pdf of the article.

George_Washington_Julian_-_Brady-HandyGeorge W. Julian, Reformer or Colonial Bureaucrat?

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