About La Jicarita

La Jicarita was first published as a non-profit newspaper under the auspices of the Rio Pueblo/Rio Embudo Watershed Protection Coalition, a group of citizens dedicated to protecting and enhancing the clean and plentiful waters that sustain the rural communities, culture, and traditions of their watershed. In 1998 the paper received its own non-profit status and expanded its coverage to include all of northern New Mexico. The paper focuses on the historical and contemporary conflicts over natural resources that threaten the viability of traditional communities in el norte: loss of agricultural lands to development; transfer of water out of agricultural use; loss of grasslands to forest encroachment; loss of biodiversity due to fire suppression; lack of community access to forest resources; and the continuing decline in community stability due to lack of economic opportunity and attendant social problems.

We want to welcome all our readers to the new, online La Jicarita journal (www.lajicarita.wordpress.com), which will remain linked to http://www.lajicarita.org. The new journal will continue to focus on the historical and contemporary conflicts over natural resources in northern New Mexico, but in a weekly online format that allows for more frequent updates and a new outlet for New Mexico authors.

La Jicarita welcomes submissions of letters, research articles, news releases, announcements, essays, editorials and creative works, including photos, poetry, cartoons and the like. Length: we prefer written works no longer than 3000 words, but we will consider longer essays. Unless impossible, please submit in electronic form  to Kay Matthews at news@lajicarita.org or kmatthews@gmail.com.


Editor-in-Chief: Kay Matthews



  1. excellent piece on Reies Lopez Tijerina Siempre ha sido un hombre un poco complicado y muy apasionado. I met him on one of this visits to Chicago and have been following his work. Controversial figure? Damn right! Fighter for justice? That too! Unblemished? Hell no! But his heart is in the right place.

  2. I am a writer & an visual artist. I am currently supporting The Red Nation effort to Abolish Christopher Columbus Day. On Oct. 12th 2015, at 5 pm people will gather for a rally here on Central & 1st Streets, downtown Albuquerque, NM. I am glad I found your journal & will be contributing work. Thanks.

  3. Hey gente, just came up on this movimiento en NNM – it makes my heart sing to hear it. Desde califas hasta el valle de espanola. It’s complicated there, deep rooted pride and identification with Spanish roots will always make fighting colonialism an uphill battle, but it can be done. Peace

  4. Kay, thanks for the continued updates on these two vitally important settlement acts and all that they entrain and entail as consequences. La Jicarita continues to be essential reading, and non-obsolete by its very digital presence and your ongoing efforts. Well done! Don’t ignore this NuevoMexico! All the best, e

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