Notice: Land Grant Firewood Distribution

The Santa Barbara and Las Trampas land grants are in the process of distributing firewood from the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fire that was cut for fire breaks near the communities affected and threatened by the fire. The firewood is stored in Rodarte waiting for USDA Forest Service grant money to be processed by Taos County to pay for a contractor to oversee the distribution. In the meantime, the land grants have appointed contact persons in each community to provide names and telephone numbers of residents who would like to receive a free cord of firewood. Those residents who are unable to personally travel to get the firewood due to age or disability will have priority: firewood will be delivered to these households. Other residents will travel to the woodyard to pick up their cords. Most residents have already been contacted, but if you haven’t been, call the contact person in your community and  your name will be added to the the list:

Name                                 Telephone Number          Communities

Rosalba Velasquez               1-575-587-1637                       Llano Largo, Llano de la Yegua, Rodarte

Epi Romero                           1-575-587-2000                       Llano de San Juan

Carlos Abeyta                       1-575-779-1605                       Peñasco

Lorrie Garcia                         1-575-779-1726                      Rio Lucio

Vicente Abeyta                     1-575-587-2801 or                  Vadito and Plazcita                                                                                                        1-575-224-9120

Arnold Lopez                        1-575-779-5945                       Chamisal

Sam Lopez                            1-505-999-7874                        Ojito

Alex Lopez                            1-505-689-2408                        Las Trampas

Jimmy Martinez                   1-505-689-2264                        Ojo Sarco

Kay Matthews                      1-505-205-9363                         El Valle




  1. It is a good service as some people need help as they are too old or sick. Is the distribution of wood for heating and cooking available to las Vegas resident. I would like to suggest one person and her family have been looking for woood. Mil gracias y Dios los bendiga.

    • Alvin, I would hope that there is a program that serves the Las Vegas area but I don’t know. Contact your county commission or Las Vegas/Pecos Ranger District to find out if there is one.

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