Update on Restoration and Fuelwood Projects on the Camino Real Ranger District

I stepped out my door in El Valle this windy April morning and could see and smell the smoke from the fires in Mora and San Miguel counties. This makes very evident the necessity of all the collaborative forest thinning and restoration projects that have occurred over the past several years and what is being planned for the next ten years. For my neighbors on the Camino Real Ranger District, here are updates on several thinning projects and opportunities for firewood.

Entrañas Unit

The Entrañas Unit, 97 acres,  located south of Ojo Sarco off Forest Road 710, is open for Dead and Down harvesting until December 31. Some of the wood is green because it was recently cut and will best be burned next winter. The diameter of the wood ranges from 5”-12” with an average diameter of  7”. Permits for Dead and Down are available at the permit window at the Camino Real Ranger Station in Peñasco or by calling 575 587-2255.


Rio de Las Trampas Forest Council

This forest stewardship project, located between the villages of El Valle and Las Trampas, will finish up the original 30-plus acres by the end of May and begin work on the next 216 acres funded by the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP). The Council is recruiting leñeros, or woodcutters, and will also be hiring a new mayordomo. If you’re interested in participating in the program you can sign up on the Rio de Las Trampas website or contact the project Asistente, Priscilla Lopez at pelopez@cybermesa.com or 505 689-1263.

Rio de Las Trampas Forest Council Marty Peale designed explanatory signs that the Forest Service produced and posted at the two entrances to the project. Information on other projects will also be posted on the signs to let the public know of ongoing work and any new firewood site openings.

Photo by Marty Peale

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