Invitation: Share Your Health Care Hardships to Promote the NM Health Security Plan

Dear La Jicarita,

I hope all of your readers have been well and staying safe in these Covid times. Below is a brief description of the New Mexico Health Stories Project. The NMHS Project was started by a group of citizens in support of the NM Health Security Plan (HSP). We work in collaboration with, though we are independent of, the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign.

We are soliciting and video-recording stories from New Mexicans about their hardships, suffering, morbidity, and even mortality experienced as a result of the all-too-common inadequacies of the current healthcare system, Covid-related or not.  The group is looking for ”storytellers” and testimonials.  I’d like to make a pitch to your readers to connect us with patients and providers they may know who might agree to being video-taped or making a video of their own.

Over the next several weeks the group will build a repository of stories of real New Mexicans across demographic and cultural groups, from across the state.  The group is working on a website, due to be up and running in the next 2 weeks, where the public can record their own stories and access recorded stories.

The repository of stories will include commentary about how the Health Security Plan would improve on the issues brought into focus by personal testimonies.  The stories will be used for outreach and education via social media, zoom meetings, and across varied venues honing in on the need for the Health Security Plan, a long term, viable alternative to the current system.  The HSP would ensure affordable, quality, comprehensive health coverage for all New Mexicans.  Based on a cooperative model, it would provide freedom of choice of doctors, providers and hospitals, and no networks.

We want to reach community members, leaders, and legislators with story videos in anticipation and throughout the 2021 legislative session, when the Health Security Plan bill will be brought before the legislature.

The group believes in the power of storytelling. Sharing stories can influence others, build empathy, inspire action, and transform opinions.  Please help us in our efforts to bear witness to the truth and tragedies of those among us who have suffered from a broken healthcare system, furthering efforts to pass the Health Security Plan in 2021. 


Donna Dowell, BC-FNP, Volunteer Coordinator NMHS Project

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