Announcement: Requests for Aid for Asylum Seekers

Sayrah Namaste, of the American Friends Service Committee, has put out a request for donations to buy food for the 220+ Central American asylum seekers in a Juarez shelter. The Trump administration’s policy called Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), implemented in January of 2019, has stranded thousands of migrants in dangerous and underfunded Mexican border towns. In an article by the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, Communications Associate Abdiel Razo has this to say: “This policy of “Remain in Mexico” is simply a deterrent with a death sentence.”

Sayrah also reports that due to the generosity of some folks from Santa Fe, the shelter has a new van so the director can transport people to the border for their asylum hearings.

If you would like to donate funds for the shelter to buy food, contact Sayrah at and she will explain how to wire funds to the grocery store that supplies the shelter.

. . . . . . . .

The New Mexico Immigration Law Center is looking for someone to sponsor a detained client from El Salvador who was illegally separated from his daughter when he entered the country. Sponsorship means communicating with the client a few times prior to his bond hearing on February 11. The sponsor also needs to provide a letter of support stating a willingness to be responsible for him. The sponsor would help with housing/living and make sure the client is attending his court hearings. The sponsor would need to show that he or she can financially support the client (usually proof of taxes). The client does have some assistance from ACLU (as he is a member in a class action lawsuit). Catholic Charities is also being contacted for help with housing/food etc.
PLEASE contact Arifa Raza, supervising attorney, ASAP. (505) 977-6550

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