Alert: Press Conference Wednesday on Santa Fe Midtown Development Decison

Editor’s Note: Los Alamos Study Group is urging folks to attend its press conference on Wednesday, January 15 at Santa Fe City Hall regarding the City of Santa Fe’s announcement on finalists for the development of its Midtown District development (see December 10, La Jicarita article for background on the project).


Citizens Protest Possible Nuclear Weapons Agency Presence in Major Santa Fe Development
Press conference and demonstration at noon Wednesday, January 15, Santa Fe City Hall
Contact: Lydia Clark, 505-501-2606; Greg Mello, 505-265-1200 office / 505-577-8563 cell

Santa Fe and Albuquerque—At noon tomorrow, January 15, at the Santa Fe City Hall (map), the Los Alamos Study Group will be holding a press conference and demonstration regarding the City’s Midtown District project.

We have chosen tomorrow because it is the day on which the City has said it may announce the finalists for “Master Developer” of the 64 or more acre site.

Seven entities have applied to be Master Developer, including the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the nation’s nuclear warhead agency. NNSA manages Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), some 37 road miles to the northwest.

Regarding this project the Mayor’s message to potential developers says (e-page 8):

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect great ideas that will create a new urban center of activity and also represent the soul of Santa Fe. We can create a place that is truly Santa Fe: our history, our people, our beauty, and our spirit.

Lydia Clark, Study Group Outreach Director:
“We cannot see how these ideals —’urban center,’ ‘soul of Santa Fe,’ ‘our history, our people, our beauty, and our spirit’ could ever be compatible with NNSA or LANL participation. We cannot for a minute see how any presence of NNSA or LANL in this project meets any of the criteria, purposes, or values set forth in the City’s Solicitation.”


  1. so glad I saw this .. I’ll be in SF and I guess this is what I’ll do instead of lunch…. Thanks for the heads up


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