Announcement: A Conversation About Pit Production at LANL

Editor’s Note: An article in The Santa Fe New Mexican today lays out the battle lines over proposed pit production at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and the Savannah River Site in South Carolina. The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), which oversees nuclear operations under the Department of Energy, claims that it doesn’t have to undertake a “programmatic environmental impact statement” for the development of 30 nuclear warheads, or pits, at LANL, or 50 at Savannah. The Livermore, California based Tri-Valley CAREs, a nuclear watchdog group, argues that a 1998 court order requires a full environmental analysis when two or more sites are involved in pit production.

New Mexico watchdog groups like Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety (CCNS), the Los Alamos Study Group (LASG), and Nuclear Watch New Mexico have been arguing for years that a new programmatic environmental impact statement needs to be conducted at LANL, which they believe is totally unsuited to be a site of pit production with its abysmal safety record, seismic dangers, and in the end, complicity in a morally indefensible endeavor.

Nuclear Watch is hosting an explanation/conversation about pit production at LANL. For further background information go here. RSVP Suzie Schwartz by phone or text: 575 770-2629 or email to

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