Albuquerque Turns Out to Call for the Closure of Migrant Detention Camps

Hundreds of people collected at the US Department of Homeland Security, Immigration & Customs Enforcement ICE) building south of the Sunport in Albuquerque on Friday, July 12, along with thousands of people across the county, to call for the closure of migrant and refugee detentions centers, which many are calling concentration camps. Today, Sunday, is the day the Trump administration is sending ICE agents out to arrest and deport immigrants. I’ve yet to hear reports on what has occurred thus far: we hope, nothing.

Three Sisters Collective and RAICES ask people to pray in the four directions of the world for the migrants and refugees.

Lisa Lucero of Set the Children Free has held a vigil in downtown Albuquerque in front of the federal building every Saturday for over 150 days.







El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, 48,000 members strong: “I am undocumented and I am unafraid!”

Santa Fe Dreamers provides free legal services to immigrants to promote economic empowerment, community development, family unity, and liberation from detention.

“Thank God for the lawyers!”






“This is a dark time in our history.”



A representative of Jewish Voices for Peace told the crowd: “Never again is not a slogan, it’s a commitment that no one anywhere be treated inhumanely, including the 8,000 to 10,000 Palestinian youth arrested by Israel every year. Shut down the concentration camps.”

Mayor Tim Keller had just come back from the border and thanked all New Mexicans who have gone there to help the migrants and refugees in the shelters set up by the charities and town governments. “I can’t operate a city where people are afraid to ask for help.” He reiterated that the Albuquerque Police Department will not aid ICE in any raids or deportations.

“Where are the children?”



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