Let’s Talk About a Peñasco Watershed Coalition

Editor’s Note: The Taos Watershed Coalition has been working on forest restoration projects in the Carson National Forest area north of Taos. J.R. Logan, with the Taos Economic Development Corporation, is working with folks to explore the possibility of a similar coalition based in the Peñasco area. Logan was instrumental in organizing the Cerro Negro Forest Council in the Questa Ranger District that replicates the previous Contract Stewardship Program administered by Forest Service technician Henry Lopez for many years in the Camino Real Ranger District. This program allotted ~one-acre forest blocks to woodcutters who harvested all the but “leave” trees for personal firewood or to sell, and in turn created a healthier, more fire resistent forest and watershed. The Cerro Negro Forest Council has hired a mayordomo and asistante to oversee the project and leñeros will be paid as they complete work on a forest block. A second forest council, called the Rio de las Trampas Forest Council, is in the process of setting up a stewardship program in the Trampas watershed and will soon be recruiting a mayordomo, asistante, and leñeros to go to work on a restoration site between the villages of Las Trampas and El Valle. The council will issue public recruitment notices, but if you’d like more information or are interested in participating in the program, call 505 689-2200.

Here’s the flier for a preliminary meeting to discuss a Peñasco Watershed Coalition:

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