Los Alamos Revisited: A Workers’ History on the Road to Albuquerque

After quite a few readings in northern New Mexico we’re finally making it down to Albuquerque to introduce Los Alamos Revisited: A Workers’ History.

Peter Malmgren and Kay Matthews will be at the Center for Peace and Justice reading from the book at 4:00 pm on Saturday, April 14. As many of you already know, the book is the culmination of the oral histories Peter conducted in the early 2000s that tell the story of the creation of Los Alamos National Laboratory after World War II from the point of view of the people who helped build it. The historical record is filled with accounts from scientists and pundits, but the voices of the machinists, technicians, engineers, trades people, and many others remained silent. Many of these workers have suffered the consequences of toxic and radioactive exposure and their stories are riveting. We’ll also have some archival photographs from the early years.

The Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice is located at 202 Harvard, SE. If you need any more info you can e-mail La Jicarita at news@lajicarita.org or comment on this website.




    • Wow. Thanks for posting, I hadn’t seen this. What a wonderful/crazy place Antioch was and is. As you know, I was there in the early 70s when second wave feminism took off to talk about equality in everything, including sex. To see these women, twenty years later, who had to take it on again, this time in a different context but still talking equality, is touching.

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