DOE Agrees to Hear Anthony Rivera’s Whistleblower Complaint

Editor’s Note: La Jicarita has been covering Anthony Rivera’s case against Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory since October of 2015. After revealing safety and management abuses at the Lab he was fired by the new contractor, Lawrence Livermore National Security (LLNS) in 2013. In January of 2014 he filed a Department of Energy (DOE) 708 Whistleblower complaint against LLNS, which alleges LLNS retaliation for his complaints. After a year of waiting for DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz to review his whistleblower complaint, he  filed a lawsuit on January 19, 2016  against the LLNS and two Department of Energy officials. Now the DOE has agreed to hear Rivera’s whistleblower case. His attorney’s press release and the DOE order are listed below.

8_22_16 Attorney Tony Bothwell News Release-1-1














8_22_16 Attorney Tony Bothwell News Release-1-2









One comment

  1. Kay, Thank you for keeping us informed about Mr. Rivera’s important whistle blower case about safety violations in the high explosives test facility at Livermore. Joni

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