La Jicarita Publishes First e-book

Back in August of 2015 we announced that after nearly twenty years of reporting on environmental politics in New Mexico we were winding down our day-to-day reportage and analysis due to lack of funding and general burn out. But we haven’t gone away and have been working to produce edited collections of La Jicarita articles, essays, editorials, and reportage. We plan to issue these directly from our website as e-books, and, hopefully, also books-on-demand. They will be organized into a broad range of thematic categories including land grant politics and scholarship; police violence; LANL and the nuclear industrial complex; water management; acequia culture and politics; forest management and regulation; and militarized nature. All of those individual essays will remain freely accessible on the La Jicarita website as well as the original La Jicarita News archive, We are charging a modest fee for the e-books, which will hopefully aid in research and scholarship by bringing all related essays on a particular theme together.

We just posted the first e-book, “Ban” or “Regulate”? Mora County’s Path to the Answer, which is a collection of Kay’s articles documenting Mora County’s 2013 ordinance banning oil and gas development and the subsequent political and legal fallout (the book also includes Sophia Martinez’s op-ed). We plan on releasing David Correia’s book on police violence next.

Just go to the “e-books” button in the menu bar and click. It will take you directly to the order page at the Lulu bookstore where you can download the book onto any e-book reader for $5.00. Many thanks.


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