La Jicarita REALLY Needs Your Help: Don’t Wait, Donate Now!


We’re now at the halfway point of our four-week fundraiser. Despite the glowing testimonials from our good friends, Mark Rudd and Pat Leahan, the contributions are not pouring in. As we start the third week of our current fundraiser, we’ve only raised $600 of a $5,000 goal. It can’t be because no one reads La Jicarita. Our readership has grown exponentially since we started. We get a new subscriber (it’s free!) almost daily. Weekly stats show thousands of hits on our website, Facebook, and Twitter account each week. But all that interest in La Jicarita is not translating into donations. The Donate button isn’t getting clicked. Since we segued from print to online in 2012, we’ve only asked for money once before, in February of 2013. You responded by helping us raise $2,500, a token amount really, but we couldn’t have continued to operate La Jicarita without it. It’s because of those donations that we’ve been able to write about Susana Martinez’s assault on the states’ environmental protections; it’s because of those donations that we could write about bomb building at LANL; the jet fuel spill at Kirtland AFB; and the expansion of the military on both private and public lands. Without those donations we could never have written about the privatization of waterthe privatization of educationpolice violence in Albuquerque or the struggles over reform. We would never have been able to provide critical coverage on homelessness; the nuclear waste dump at Sandia National Laboratory; the fights to regulate oil and gas development; and community access to public lands resources

Those donations kept us afloat. We covered our expenses and paid contributors a measly $50 per story. Now we’re asking again. And we hate to do it. It’s not that we want to host fundraisers, or that we like to badger readers into making donations. We don’t. Granted, it’s a hell of a lot better than shilling for corporations, but it’s not how we want to spend our time. We do it for one reason only: if we don’t meet our fundraising goal of $5,000, we can’t continue to publish La Jicarita. That’s the bottom line. So please make a donation, however small, so we can continue to provide critical coverage and analysis about issues we all care about: and much, much more. Click Donate here or at the top of the page and give via PayPal. Or send a check (made out to La Jicarita) to La Jicarita, HC 65 Box 206, Chamisal, NM 87521. Remember La Jicarita is a 501(c)3 non profit organization so any donation you give us is tax deductible.


    • Just click “Donate.” It’s a hyperlink in the story and it’s a link on the menu at the top of the page. It will take you to PayPal where you can donate with a credit or debit card. Thanks!

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