Listen to Mark Rudd! (and see the Action Alert below)

Editor’s Note: We’ve raised a couple hundred dollars in these first few days of our fundraiser. Thanks for those quick hits to the Donate button (you can also donate by sending a check to La Jicarita, HC 65 Box 206, Chamisal, New Mexico, 87521). The pitch below is from Mark Rudd, whom many of you remember from his SDS days at Columbia University and the Weather Underground. Mark has lived in New Mexico since 1978 and is active in environmental, peace, and labor organizing. In recent years he has been working to build a progressive wing of the Democratic Party.


220px-NLN_Mark_Rudd_2009Where can you find cogent analysis of New Mexico’s water wars? Where can you find the story behind the story of the Salt of the Earth miners’ union decertification? What’s really happening with Albuquerque’s police? If you ask questions such as this, as I do, you’ll want to read La Jicarita.

Uncovering hidden but critical connections is deep within La Jicarita’s DNA: for years it was the only publication in the state bringing together land-based people and environmentalists, healing the wounds caused by wrong-headed and counter-productive confrontation between people who should be allies. Thank God La Jicarita is still with us.



HB0199 has been introduced by Paul Bandy to pre-empt county regulation of oil and gas. This is the language that’s been added to the bill: “A county shall not adopt ordinances that restrict oil and gas activities.” Unfortunately, this is the kind of knee jerk reaction we’re going to see in response to Mora County’s attempt to ban oil and gas development and that could negate San Miguel, Santa Fe, and Rio Arriba county regulations. Contact your legislators to express your opposition. It is currently in the House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Committee.



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