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Today marks the third anniversary of the online launch of La Jicarita; it’s been an amazing run. Since we published the Manifesto on February 2, 2012, we’ve published 313 more articles, photo essays, audio essays and editorials. Each year the readership for La Jicarita has doubled. What started as a humble attempt to translate fifteen years of in-print La Jicarita into an online magazine has become a successful community voice on environmental and social justice in New Mexico.

But let’s admit it, we’ll never draw a huge, national readership. And that’s fine with us. We set out to do what few other media outlets do: cover the critical issues in New Mexico that don’t get covered, or get inadequately covered, by the corporate press.

Ours is not a commercial venture. And so we write today to ask for your help.

We mark the anniversary of our fourth year by announcing a month-long fundraising campaign. Starting today, and continuing until the end of February, we need to raise $5,000 to keep La Jicarita up and running. Please DONATE right now and contribute to the future of  La Jicarita.

Without your financial support we can’t continue operating La Jicarita. We can’t operate the website or pay contributors a modest fee—which, by the way, is not even enough to cover their expenses.

Like us, our contributors don’t do this to make a living. They write for La Jicarita because they care about the issues they write about. And we all care about the people we write about.

Since you’re reading this you likely care, too. You know that La Jicarita does what no other news organization in New Mexico does. We’ve covered every angle of the problem of police violence in New Mexico, from the killings and cover-ups to the political fights over reform. We don’t pretend to be “neutral” like others do. We’re not in the business of telling APD’s side of things. There’s enough competition for that—just read the Albuquerque Journal or watch KOAT if that’s what you’re after. We’re on the side of those fighting for justice. We tell their stories.

If you’re interested in water politics you read La Jicarita. If you’re interested in what’s going on at LANL, you read La Jicarita. If you’re interested in the assault on workers’ rights, you read La Jicarita. No other news organization in New Mexico has been tougher on Governor Martinez and her Koch brothers’-funded assault on the environment than La Jicarita. On issues like climate change mitigation, the dairy industry, oil & gas and mining, and the regulation give-away to copper mining-giant Freeport-McMoRan, Governor Martinez has made it clear that she’s a friend to corporate interests first and foremost. And La Jicarita has demonstrated that it stands with those who care about environmental justice over windfall profits.

We cover these important issues without the false “objectivity” you’ll find in the mainstream press. There aren’t two sides to a story about an administration that poisons groundwater. There is no on-the-other-hand way to report stories about a federal agency that spills 24 million gallons of toxic jet fuel in the aquifer and then refuses to take responsibility. It is not “biased” to condemn Sandia National Laboratory for dumping nuclear wastes into unlined, open pits. That’s what we do. And only with your financial support can we keep doing it.

We founded La Jicarita in order to support and demonstrate solidarity with the people, organizations, and communities who struggle to protect working landscapes and the places we live: the small villages that rely on acequias and the small-scale cattle permittees who depend on access to forests for their livelihoods. And we need your donations to keep doing that.

We don’t charge for access to La Jicarita and we never will. But we can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing without your help. Consider your donation a form of Community Supported Journalism no different from Community Supported Agriculture.

The “market” will provide the fake news you’ll find on KOAT TV. If we want aggressive, advocacy journalism, the kind that kicks the hornets’ nest, then we need to pay for it.

So please click HERE, or the “Donate” button on the menu above this story in order to contribute via PayPal. Or send a check (made out to La Jicarita) to La Jicarita, HC 65 Box 206, Chamisal, NM 87521. Remember La Jicarita is a 501(c)3 non profit organization so any donation you give us is tax deductible.

If we’re not convincing, we hope the testimonials we plan to run all month from our readers will convince you that La Jicarita’s worth contributing to. Thank you in advance for your contribution and for three years of support.

Kay Matthews & David Correia, Editors



  1. Hey Kay,

    Let’s 1) have you on the radio soon – next 3 weeks ? , and 2) let’s begin the discussion of how we acknowledge, and support all of the independent media outlets in NM. Sound good ? Let me know….you’re doing great work !


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