Insight New Mexico: V.B. Price and David Correia on the DOJ Consent Decree

By New Mexico Mercury

V.B. Price is editor and co-founder along with Benito Aragon of New Mexico Mercury. Price is the former editor of Century Magazine and New Mexico Magazine, former city editor of the New Mexico Independent, and long-time columnist for the late Albuquerque Tribune. His latest book is The Orphaned Land: New Mexico’s Environment Since the Manhattan Project. He retired as the editor of the Mary Burritt Christiansen Poetry Series at UNM Press in 2010. He has taught in the UNM Honors Program since l986.

In the Mercury’s most recent Insight New Mexico interview, Price and Correia discuss the just-released consent decree between the US Department of Justice and the City of Albuquerque regarding the problem of police violence.


One comment

  1. Very well done. You were so right to point out that the Consent is a fair reflection of the process, and that the critical moment was the decision to exclude community representatives from participating in, or even witnessing, the negotiations between the city and the DOJ. So one really is left with the feeling that this Consent is toothless by design, and it never was an avenue to justice.

    People can debate the purpose of these elaborate sham pageants, but the results seem predetermined. Especially when Power finds so much cooperation on the ground.

    I wish you could have slipped in a mention of the Greenwood Streicher expense scandal as emblematic of the integrity of some of the players. I took a stab at it here:

    Thank you for using often the words “absurd” and “ridiculous” and for your occasional laughter and the laughter of your host. Couldn’t agree more with that slant. When they’re this brazen: laugh in their faces, spit in their eye.

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