Families of Victims of Police Violence Lead Takeover of Albuquerque City Council: Three Documents

Moments before the peaceful, non-violent takeover of the Albuquerque City Council Meeting.
APD brass fled the room as well as most of the City Councilors. People took seats and we empaneled a "people's assembly." Here they give a vote of "no confidence" in Mayor Richard Berry
APD brass fled the room as well as most of the City Councilors. People took seats and we empaneled a “people’s assembly.” Here they give a vote of “no confidence” in Mayor Richard Berry

La Jicarita News Desk

Last night’s historic takeover of the Albuquerque City Council in three documents. First: a statement released to the press after the “people’s assembly.” Second: the arrest warrant served on Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden at the City Council Meeting. Third: the statement that David Correia read from the podium at the council meeting in which he served an arrest warrant on police chief Gorden Eden and then declared the meeting was now the people’s meeting.


#1: Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Families of APD Victims Lead ABQ City Council Takeover
A People’s Assembly of Albuquerque
Contact: 842-7343
May 5, 2014
ALBUQUERQUE, NM—After years of their requests falling on unresponsive ears, the families of victims and community members served ABQ Police Chief Gorden Eden with an arrest warrant for accessory after the murder in the second degree of James Boyd, Alfred Redwine, Mary Hawkes, and Armand Martin. Eden fled immediately as David Correia, community member, stated from the public podium, “You are walking away from justice.” Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry hurried Eden out of the packed city council chambers.

Mike Gomez, father of Alan Gomez, who was shot and killed by APD, said, “The citizens of Albuquerque want justice. We have spoken for years and the city council has always been unresponsive. We, the people, are sick and tired of the Mayor not listening to us. Tonight, we took over city council and held the People’s Council. We are prepared to continue until APD stops killing people like my son. My son did not deserve to die; he was unarmed and shot in cold blood. No one deserves to die like my son did.”

Mary Jobe, whose fiancé, Daniel Tillison, was shot and killed by APD, said: “City Council finally heard our voices and that we are tired of APD killing our loved ones like my fiancé who was unarmed. We are not quitting, we are in the fight… this is just the beginning.”

Nora Anaya, whose nephew George Levi Tachias was killed by APD, stated, “We took a stand to make sure that they know that we want change today, not tomorrow. We are done waiting. There is no more waiting for APD to be reformed and stop killing good people like my nephew, who was a veteran.”

A People’s Assembly of ABQ passed 3 resolutions:
People’s Assembly of Albuquerque voted unanimously on three resolutions, including:
(1) No confidence votes against Mayor Berry and Rob Perry, and an immediate resignation of Eden.
(2) Also, People’s Council voted to have the DOJ-ABQ consent to include that lapel cameras worn by APD will be on at all times when they have any encounters with civilians. If this is not the case, that officer will be immediately terminated from service.
(3) Also, People’s Council approved to implement an independent civilian oversight committee with the powers to discipline, hire and fire any officers.

#2 Statement Read by David Correia


Arrest Warrant_Eden_JPG


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