Photos from the Protest: APD Riot Troops, Mounted Units, Tanks and Military-Style Tactical Units in Albuquerque


The march on APD HQ yesterday, called by Anonymous days earlier, turned into an eleven-hour standoff between protesters and various APD tactical units and units of the New Mexico State Police, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department and the Rio Rancho police.

APD6_JPGAPD riot police assembled near Central and Yale yesterday, interrupting the (Un)Occupy GA assembly. Eyewitnesses report police aggressively attacking protesters who yelling back at police in riot gear.

As marchers moved downtown, the protest swelled and by the time it reached APD HQ, more than 500 people chanted and waved signs protesting the APD shooting death of James Boyd on March 16 and the other 22 people killed by police since 2010.

APD8_JPGAPD tactical units moved in and pushed protesters east. A tense standoff lasted nearly an hour, as APD tanks, mounted units and military-equipped units backed-up a line of APD officers in gas masks and riot gear.

Rather than confront APD, protesters retreated back east and briefly seized Interstate 25, with some people lying down in order to block cars. The interstate was briefly closed before protesters flooded back onto Central where they moved east toward UNM campus.

photo 1

Once there protesters briefly blocked the intersection of Yale and Central. As night was falling, APD tactical units reassembled along Central, backed up once again by military-equipped units that many people assumed to be National Guard. Mounted Units herded people off the sidewalks, while APD in gas masks and riot gear began deploying tear gas.

APD7_JPGWindy conditions made the gas ineffective–it wafted over into UNM dorms along Girard instead.

APD4_JPGProtesters swarmed the Nob Hill police substation. APD began hunting protesters, pepper spraying indiscriminately. One reporter was maced and more than one dozen people were arrested.

APD3After 10 hours of protesting, Central was finally clear. But protesters had reassembled at APD HQ for another confrontation. Again APD tactical units quickly moved in and for the second time used tear gas on protesters.







  1. NPR coverage stated “one demonstrator was waving & pointing an assault rifle during Sundays demonstration. Is this factual?

  2. TV news showed a guy carrying a rifle on his back, and the reporter identified it as an “AK-74” [sic]. No mention of him doing anything other than carrying, though.

    They also quoted the police chief praising the remarkable restraint of the officers–apparently for not killing any of the protestors they attacked.

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