Listen to Jim! Support La Jicarita Today


Jim Faris enjoying La Jicarita’s 11th anniversary party in El Valle.

A few words about La Jicarita.  I have known about and supported La Jicarita almost from the beginning, so I’ve seen it pretty much in its entirety. Kay Matthews and Mark Schiller founded the newspaper, and it arrived monthly until after Mark’s death, when it became an online newspaper in collaboration with David Correia of the American Studies Department at the University of New Mexico and fellow editor Eric Shultz.  But, it still has to raise its own funds, and hence this pitch.

You need to support La Jicarita.  It is not just a news source devoted to community activism and support for community based employment and sustainable treatment of northern New Mexico’s water, forest, and land base.  It is the only news source for these things from the perspective of the people living there.  And it is more.  Mark ran several heavily researched theoretical essays on subjects basic to understanding why we are, where we are, and how we got here, and Kay and Mark hammered away at the use/abuse/consequence of Los Alamos in northern New Mexico.  They attended ditch meetings, local as well as statewide.  They collaborated with other grassroots organizations, and cultivated not only an admiring wide base of support, but a base that engaged in many campaigns and struggles for Norteño rights.  And hopefully, this is a base that can be called upon to help support it now.

Where else can you get extended series of articles of ditches all over the north (with photographs); and where else can you get a half-dozen articles on fascism at the Santa Fe Opera (with copious references, citations)?  La Jicarita needs your financial support and your submissions on topics appropriate to its mission.  It is the ONLY local, consistent, politically-informed journal (now webcast) devoted to the people and resources in New Mexico.

JAMES FARIS is an emeritus professor of anthropology at the University of Connecticut, an occasional contributor to La Jicarita, and the author of many books, including Navajo and Photography, University of Utah Press, 2003.


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