An Outsider’s plea for La Jicarita

Editor’s note: As of today we’ve received just over $800 toward our goal of $2,500. Our fundraiser continues and below we offer a plea for your support from an avid reader of La Jicarita. Please consider making a small donation to help us reach our goal and keep La Jicarita alive. You can donate online via Paypal (just click on the yellow “Donate” button on the top right of our site) or send a check to La Jicarita, HC 65, Box 206, Chamisal, NM 87521.

David Correia and Eric Perramond (left to right) chat while inspecting the splitter box above Chupadero. Photo by Eric Shultz
David Correia and Eric Perramond (left to right) chat while inspecting the splitter box above Chupadero. Photo by Eric Shultz


As an avid reader of the past and current version of La Jicarita, I urge you to support the new collective effort underway. While I can only claim to be an honorary New Mexican, and not an actual one, my heart and interests are in your state, are with you as people. This is why I find Jicarita so important – who will cover the underbelly of the resource issues that the normal media ignores? Who will offer the alternative visions of the past, present, and future for New Mexicans? Who will dare to be critical to question the status quo? As investigative journalism licks its wounds from large media company buy-outs and firings at multiple regional and national news outlets, La Jicarita stands as one bold, re-imagining of what we need. It’s about information, it’s about transparency, and it’s speaking different truths to power in a state so beholden to a narrow set of political and economic interests.

Computer chip plants, corporate space travel odyssey ventures, and the public-private weapons labs should not be the only ones with a say, the only ones who dictate what happens, or even the only ones to interpret what we think happens in the state. I should know since I live in such a place. But New Mexico is a complicated beauty, one that needs multiple views, multiple interpretations and even more, better stories about our place in human natures. These stories get used in my classes, nearly all of them, here at the liberal arts college where I teach. Stories about atoms, forests, water enclosure and transfer, these are the narratives we need to follow – now more than ever.

That’s why I support La Jicarita, and I hope you will too.

Eric Perramond is an Associate Professor at Colorado College in Colorado Springs (and recently contributed to our current fundraising drive!)



    • John, the info is in the editor’s note in today’s posting (Paypal on the website or HC 65 Box 206, Chamisal, NM 87521) but from now on we’ll provide it right up front whenever we post. Kay

  1. I knew Eric spoke of Colorado before I read his bio. Yes, I, too, know painfully what it is “to live in such a place.” That is why I wish more of la gente would speak up and speak out and jump up and down and scream and shout to protect the fragile beauty of NM.

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